Thursday, 16 October 2014

Fiber pics!

It was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada so we were very busy with family and friends :) We also had a water leak so we spent a day with the water shut off so hubby could fix it. So all in all, I didn't get any dyeing done for several days. The good news is all my fiber that I dyed is dry. Fiber takes longer to dry than yarn and as we're moving into Fall with cooler weather and less sun it's been taking even longer. They all turned out gorgeous though!! If no one snags them from my etsy I may be tempted to keep a braid or two for myself. I am still getting used to my new spinning wheel though so I'm practicing on some older fiber from my stash first. Ok, I know you just want to see the pics, here are the pretties ;) Vivid Yarn Studio





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